Hello everyone!

Breaking the ice with the first post is always the toughest, eh?

Indie Games Corner was created with the sole purpose of highlighting and shedding light on the current indie games scene in Egypt and the middle east. While the world of indie games is growing bigger by the minute, the MENA region remains away from the action despite the efforts the current community puts to help the game development industry bloom. My humble opinion is that one of the major factors that we’re still away from the action is because people don’t know about what we’re doing and trying to achieve. While there are many websites and digital magazines to cover the news for the community abroad, nothing has been done of that sort in the middle east with the purpose of spreading awareness about the current indie games scene. With that in mind, as founder, I decided to start IGC with the goal of sharing news and updates about the current scene, supporting the developers and the gamers through reviews and articles and maybe even videos.

With all that being said, we at IGC hope to accomplish those goals and we’re looking forward to your support!


~ Nourhan ElSherief