Though disheartening realizing it’s far away from home, reading about the Jordan Gaming  Summit’s announcement is as exciting as it gets!

Earlier this week, The Jordan Gaming Lab has announced opening tickets’ application for this year’s Jordan Gaming Summit, taking place on November 12th in Amman for its 6th year. The goal of the summit, as quoted, is for attendees to network and take part in knowledge sharing aiming to inspire innovation and create a foundation for the gaming industry in the Middle East. The summit holds many events, which includes discussion panels, workshops and game exhibitions. While stated that exhibitions are for locally developed games, foreigner participants are allowed to attend.

Fidgeting already?! You can watch some of the old summits on YouTube to ease the wait a little bit!

You can know more about the summit through their official website here, or follow Jordan Gaming Summit directly on Facebook for more news.


~Nourhan ElSherief