While people always believed that Egyptians have started breaking into the game development community thanks to the rise of digital distribution of games, that statement is actually not true. ElTagroba ElKhayaleya – roughly translated to “The Fantastic Experience” – is a book that aspiring game developers should definitely add to their to-read lists.

ElTagroba ElKhayaleya tells the story of one of the oldest games developed by  Khayal Interactive Entertainment – Abu Haded; a 3rd-person 3D game adaption of a very popular Egyptian movie called “Booha”. Written by Mustafa Ashour, co-founder in Khayal, the book conveys not only Khayal’s experience but also a dedicated section of advises for aspiring game developers who hope to start their own studios, and the mistakes that they should not fall for. Khayal were one of the first startups who targeted developing game engines and games in Egypt, though unfortunately now they have been disbanded.

The book was published by Dar Dawen, and you can get your own copy from bookstores in Cairo, or order it online here. Unfortunatly, the book is only available in Arabic.

~Nourhan ElSherief