While everyone used to crush their phones in rage when they played Flappy Bird, you’ll never get the heart to do that when you’re playing 360 Flap, because “ain’t time for that!!”!


360 Flap is a fun and addicting game that won’t take you any time to learn how to play it, but will take you a lot to learn how to master it! You would want to rage quit but, like drugs, you just find yourself back in! Developed by BNOO Games, 360 Flap is a 2D mobile game where you’re flying a plane around a sphere whose gravity pulls you towards it, and you need to tap in order to raise the plane higher and escape crashing. The game’s sole purpose is to survive the longest while collecting diamonds – the main game’s currency which you can use in unlocking other game modes and reviving yourself. Sounds easy enough? Well.. let’s take a look at the trailer!


The game’s graphics are simple, catching, and well polished. While it seems easy at first, it starts challenging you by getting harder with every cycle you complete until it goes erratic! But it compensates you with achievements and diamonds, with which you unlock other game modes. Also, the leader-boards are challenging to top, and that’s what games should be about!

So if you’re stuck in traffic, or waiting for that train that should have been there 10 minutes ago, make sure to try out 360 Flap; it will make those problems seem easier to handle!

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Website: http://bnoogames.weebly.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bnoogames
Twitter : https://twitter.com/bnoogames

~ Nourhan ElSherief