When guys go out and have fun in Egypt, it’s a bit customary and a little – I daresay – expectable for us girls. Gathering at a “Qahwa” – aka café in Egypt – have some drinks, and play some card games. I say “some” but we all know that it comes down to just one game that rules them all.

That’s right! Estimation!

On February 2013, Karim and Mostafa noticed that there were no decent Estimation games on any mobile application store, and since they had much love for the card game, they decided to make one! 14 months later, Pocket Estimation was born.

Pocket Estimation is a free mobile digital estimation game that, not only will save estimation players the hassle of dealing cards and calculating the score, but also has a hell lot of more features to offer. They include but not limited to: a multiplayer mode, a challenging AI for single offline mode, Auto-saving games to continue them later, and even placing bets for in-game cash! Moreover, the personalization in Pocket Estimation is endless, as you can personalize your game’s theme, create your own avatar and your own profile, collect a variety of creative card decks and backgrounds and even use memes to express your feelings in the game!

Since its release in April 2015, Fanella’s first game proved to be a success, reaching almost 120k active users and is now growing faster than ever with its recent support for cross platform (iOS-Android)  online features. The Pocket Estimation community arranges monthly Championships with real-life and in-game prizes! These championships are held in Cairo and will soon be taking place in other cities as well. (Check out one of the previously organized events)

So who is Fanella ?!


Fanella Productions is an Egyptian indie games development team founded in December 2014 by two young men, Karim Saleh and Mostafa Ehab. The name was derived from an inside joke about how the developers spent most of their time working on projects, while wearing white cotton flannels, or as they are called in Egypt, a Fanella!

Karim Saleh – Fanella’s game designer – though works full time as a Violin player in Konzerthaus Berlin Orchestra, it didn’t stop him from aspiring his dream in game making since he has always been a hardcore gamer. His favorite games are Dota 2, Battlefield 4 & Rocket League. On the other hand, Mostafa Ehab – Fanella Productions’ Lead Developer – is a self-taught programmer. He started working on a prototype of Pocket Estimation while studying for his Bachelor degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Lanchester University in the United Kingdom.

Fanella’s Founders: Karim Saleh (left) and Mostafa Ehab (right)


We asked the duo to share some tips and advices for the game developers and designers. Karim’s tip for designers are:

  • Innovate and fill in the gaps, don’t focus on making something that just works, someone else already did that.
  • Take your time and be serious about making something that feels 100% polished and beautiful to the eyes.
  • Anyone can come up with ideas and plan things, it’s getting those things done that takes a lot of time, effort and dedication, so in short: Talk less, do more!

Mostafa, likewise, has some really inspiring tips! (They motivated me personally!) He advices developers to:

  • Work hard to achieve your goals; a lot of people, especially in younger generations tend to give up quite easily.
  • There is no such thing as mastering programming, the best programmers in the world are constantly learning new things and working on their coding skills.
  • Be smart and efficient (and sometimes lazy!) but always do your research before starting a new project or idea.

Despite the major success of Pocket Estimation, the duo still have more and more to offer! Recently they have released their newest card game – Pocket Tarneeb, for Android and IOS. Check out its trailer!

Make sure to follow Fanella on Facebook or visit their website for more news! In case you haven’t joined the Pocket Estimation Community yet, you can get it for Android and IOS devices.

Happy gamin’!