Not exactly a shocker, but we’ve all been stuck in that traffic jam when there’s nothing else to do but take out your phone for venting. Be it by either using the social media or playing games. But, have you ever vented your traffic jam rage through a traffic jam rage venting game? Inception detected.

Race 2: Platform Number 6, or السباق – رصيف نمرة ٦ (ElSebaq: Raseef Nemra 6) is an endless runner mobile game developed by Gimzat for the Android and IOS platforms, where it lets you experience the endless – and if you allow me to say, a more civilized as well (lol) – traffic in Cairo’s streets! Other than the really attractive and catchy art, and the smoothly developed mechanics, the game features in Egyptian streets, with Egyptian collectable coins and locally used cars and public transportation (aka Elmicrobus Elrama), which is definitely something exciting to see in a mobile game.

To survive the traffic, you will need to use the power-ups to your favor, and spend your earned Egyptian coins to upgrade your car, unlock new car color customizations, and buy helping cards from the game’s store. Moreover, you can earn experience points from completing the assigned quests to level yourself up and unlock new cars!

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All in all, while Race 2 might seem like a regular endless runner game, the fun and enjoyable parts of it outweigh it. And the game’s aesthetics is definitely a feast for the eyes, and its quality wins you over. While there’s no option available for an English version (Which I think might be a nice addition for foreigners to try the game), the game is self-explanatory that you needn’t understand Arabic to play it at all!

You can download the game for both Android and IOS platforms. You can also follow Gimzat through Facebook, Twitter or their official website for upcoming games’ news!

Happy gamin’!