While games are majorly made up by their core mechanics, game and level design, it’s no secret that most – if not all – people would judge a game based on its art first before even trying it out. Aesthetics in games isn’t only for feasting the eyes, but also for creating the game’s identity. While majorly game studios in Egypt rely on their own in-house art, some studios would rather rely on art studios solely, and though not widely known, many art studios have started to emerge. Majaz Studio, an Alexandrian art studio, provides such opportunities.

Founded in 2013 by artists, for artists, Majaz Studio is a studio that specializes in offering high quality game assets – including both 2D and 3D assets.

Majaz Studio’s work sample

“Majaz Studio started as an idea that kept evolving till it reached the way it is now.” Noted Ahmed Meligy, game artist in Majaz. “It began when we found out that we’re graduating yet felt we’re not qualified to work; this what the founders of Majaz had felt. Therefore, to help the students and the graduates, we thought we could build up on what they know or had learned, in order to cultivate their skills and knowledge and help them find work. And that’s what “Majaz” means; a door or portal that will take you to the other side.”

They started with basic courses, like “anatomy”, “perspective” and “silent nature”. Then the courses evolved into higher leveled ones, for token fees all the way. The goal wasn’t profit but to help as much people and artists as they could. Then they discovered that there was a problem in the industry itself, especially game development – which was their career at that time – and here was when Majaz took a step forward to help the Game Development Community either by giving courses at the Information Technology Institute (ITI), or offering free workshops for artists who are already working as game artists in the community. Or participating in events, and conferences that hosts and brings together a lot of people interested in game development. Then the idea emerged of creating a small team; one that is able to work on full projects, and has a one full powerful portfolio that sums up the whole team’s work, that could be used to bring forth more projects for the team. This helps the cycle to move on. (Follows a part of Majaz’s live stream for a game art workshop as posted on their Facebook)

“So we already started building a team composed of a group of people who had already attended our courses and lectures, offer them internships to train them on how to work in much bigger projects professionally. Our goal, or vision, is to be the gate that helps anyone interested in entering the game making field, and offer him a shortcut while helping the community rise and bloom at the same time. We aspire to see a whole community of professional game makers in Egypt.”

Majaz Studio’s work sample

You can follow Majaz Studio on Facebook, or their official website.  You can also check out their work through their Behance profile. If you’re hoping to join the game art community, don’t forget to subscribe to their events for future workshops both in Cairo and Alexandria!

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