While in Egypt (and the world), the major highlight event of the year is the Global Game Jam in the last weekend in January, another event has been slowly but surely expanding for the past years, and that’s the “Game Zanga” 😀

Game Zanga, created by Game Tako, is a competitive game jam event that takes place online, and has scattered offline sites across the Middle East region. Like most game jams, a theme is announced and the participants have to develop a game within that theme in the next 48 hours. One major rule however, is that the game has to be in Arabic! While tough as it may be, creating an Arabic-driven game is actually a pretty refreshing experience. (I have participated in the Game Zanga event for several times myself)

While participating offline isn’t necessarily important, it creates a much better experience, as you get to see the truly passionate indies gather and meet-up in one place, get to know each other, and each showcasing his own games and getting reviews and feedback in an “indie-ish” friendly environment. Moreover, you can get to try working with a new team for 48 hours, which needless to say boosts one’s experience in adapting to an entirely new team to produce something new fast. (However, unlike the Global Game Jam taking place in ITI, sleepovers aren’t allowed.) If you don’t live in Cairo, and participating online might be a hassle for you, it’s ok! You can still track the Zanga’s theme online, and post your game(s) as well.

To participate in this year’s round, all you have to do is join the jam here,  and you’re good to go! In the mean time, you can check last year’s Zanga, and its submitted games, to help get yourself prepared!

Happy Gamin’!