It’s been quiet…

Been a long while since I last wrote or post anything on IGC, partly because the team or the group I had gathered to make IGC work never came to be, and partly because recently there had been no major events in the indie scene in Egypt (even the most anticipated events). So, not to let this small project die so silently, I decided to resume blogging even not for just news about the indie scene, but also about game design and game development, the production phase, and spread all the little and humble information I know about game development in general, and how to make it work as a game developer in Egypt in general. But if I am going to do that, a self introduction might be in order here 🙂

I am Nourhan ElSherief, a game designer and developer in Cairo. I graduated in the Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University, and later completed the 9-month diploma by the Information Technology Instite  (ITI) in 2014. Before I sought out game development professionally in 2014, I had been a game developer hobbyist for a while – playing around with UDK (Unreal Development Kit, way before Unreal became available to use for free) and Unity. Deciding to become a game developer was a bit of a tough call to make because there was nearly no community back then. It changed, however, with ITI hosting the very first game jam ever in 2013, where I successfully completed my first game ever (which by the way I have tried SO hard to erase it from my mind but utterly and COMPLETELY failed). Things have started growing since then, and now – while still blooming – the community gives one hope to continue pursing that path.

If you’re a game developer hobbyist, or trying to seek out game development professionally, I hope this website/blog would be helpful for you; I know how it felt to feel completely alone in a field you like but don’t worry, mate, ‘cuz ya ain’t! 🙂 Feel free to ask about anything, and I will be posting more regularly about the usually asked questions and ways to get that passion for game development on track!

Happy gamin’!