While we are slowly getting used to annual Game Jams and E-Sports events, we have never got to experience a gaming expo the way it’s done abroad. Even though it might not be on the same scale the way it is in worldwide, it’s still the closest we can get to a gaming expo yet! Egypt, ladies and gents, has welcomed its first Insomnia Gaming Festival!

Packed with 14 different sections, from trying out AAA games to mobile and VR games, the whole place was filled with tournaments and collectable shops, and full of excitement and energy as none of you have seen. Coming all the way from London, Insomnia organizers had the place set up pretty well for the gaming tournaments and the cosplay show. Not forgetting the indie scene in Egypt as well, the IGDA and a lineup of Egyptian indie games were present in the festival. Not paling in comparison with the Fortnite and Rainbow Six tournaments, the indies have put up some pretty tough tournaments too!

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On the other hand, you won’t fail to notice the enormously epic cosplay that have been wandering around the hall! EgyCon, Egypt’s first anime and J-pop culture festival event organizers, made their presence in the event and I have to say, the cosplay level that I have seen has certainly risen the bar of cosplay quality in Egypt! (Sheeshh, I am glad I didn’t go wearing that Ulquiorra outfit I had been intending to wear after-all, my self-confidence would have been DECIMATED!)

Artists took a fair share in the event as well, painting over some great and iconic game characters! I regret not getting to see the final product though..

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Despite being remotely located, and the ticket price that seemed a bit expensive for most, I would very much love to attend the festival again next year! To catch more of what’s yet to come in Insomnia 2019, you can follow them on their official website.

Happy gamin’!