The Global Game Jam is less than a week away!! While preparing for this is never enough, here’s a primary checklist of the things you need to do before next Friday!

1. Registration

If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late!

All you need to do is to register at the official Global Game Jam website and join the Egyptian site at the Information Technology Institute here. This step is important to be able to create game pages and to upload your game by the end of the jam.

2. Learn a developing tool

A week might be too short to start but it’s certainly enough for the jam. I would personally recommend Unity, because it’s easy to start and faster in prototyping, and not to mention the internet is flooded with tutorials; which is perfect for the GGJ! However, if you already have knowledge or certain skillset in developing games, take it as a chance to evolve and learn something new to make games with in the jam.

3. Assemble a team

It’s always nice if you join the jam with a certain team beforehand; this helps reduce the time wasted and the stress spent on finding and working with a new team in such a short time. If you don’t know anyone, take the chance to know people during the first day!

A very side note though, while I have majorly worked solo in jams, I do recommend this bulletpoint the most. This might seem contradicting, but to be honest, working with new teams in jams are the most fun and the most evolving experiences an indie can go through.

4. Staying over

It happens that the host and the organizer of the jam, the Information Technology Institute, allows sleepovers, according to certain rules they have laid down of course. You can prep your overnight stay and yourself with basic stuff, including sleeping bags, covers or extra jackets, food and beverages, and whatever else you might need to refresh yourself in the morning. It’s important to check the sleepover rules set by the ITI beforehand and to complete any necessary paperwork.

5. Gather your tools.

Make sure whatever tools you need are installed, so you would not waste time installing them. This includes Unity, or any other developing tool you shall be using, audacity for sound manipulations, for simple photo editing you might need. It also won’t hurt to pack a notebook, pencils or pens, and electric switches because no one knows when anyone might need those!

The list of pending things to be done doesn’t end for those exciting 48 hours of course, but with those 5 things checked, you are in for a less bumpier start! (Because let’s face it, the ride is always bumpy in jams no matter how much we prepare!)

See ya in a week, folks!

Happy jammin’!