Heyo, everyone!

It has been a busy month indeed, especially with Ramadan finally here, but I am getting to squeeze in #IndieGameAMonth play sessions from time to time. And as per requested during our last meeting..

Behold, my first noobish 10 minutes into Transistor, May’s game for #IndieGameAMonth!

As a part of helping the community grow, and helping gamers (and developers alike) to know more about indie games and how diverse they can get, as part of IGC activities the #IndieGameAMonth club was launched!

Much like regular book clubs, the rules are simple: just play an indie game for a month, and discuss it afterwards with other club members! 🤩✌️ Discussions can include story, gameplay, balance or even art criticism! All games shall be voted upon and agreed, and no game shall be enforced by someone or an entity. The meetings shall vary between online or offline ones, all voted for upon the members’ convenience!

So?? Hyped up?? If so, subscribe here! It’s free!!

Let’s play games!! 🎮🕹️🔥