Knowing what you exactly want to do, doesn’t mean you know how to to do it. For me, it was a bit challenging when I first tried pursuing game development in 2013 when I thought I was the only one doing so. Turns out, I wasn’t.. at all. And while we all struggled to find the way back then, things have become smoother and much easier to both grasp and leap into as a career. Below is a list of what you can do to pursue game development here in Egypt!


Information Technology Institute (ITI)

While the number of interns can be limiting, the Information Technology Institute (ITI for short) offers to a number of developers and artists the chance to learn about game design, game development and game art over the course of 9 months in their 9-month diploma. There were also news about a 3-month diploma that offers a more compressed and a handful of selected courses for students to learn.


Online Courses and Tutorials

The best thing about the internet is: everything is out there! All it takes is a bit of patience, and you will definitely find someone teaching something you’ve always wanted to learn. For game development, there are several options available.

Coursera’s game development specializations

In my opinion, this is the best thing out there on the internet! Not only you get to learn new things, you can get an official certificate by Michigan State of University and several others.

Udemy’s courses

A bit costly than Coursera, but good all the same! I would personally recommend “RPG Core Combat Creator” for starting your own base code for an RPG game. You can catch yourself good deals during the site’s sale.

Unity’s official tutorials

Since most indies use Unity for creating their games, they take special efforts in creating the guidelines and the tutorials for newcomers to create their games.

Youtube’s swarming list of tutorials!

If the above options don’t satisfy your urge for knowledge, you can always find tons of videos on YouTube!

On-site and online jams

Game jams offer the best opportunity to get a feel of how shipping games looks like. It also helps jammers to squeeze out their creative ideas of a theme through a limited amount of time, and that in return helps in shipping out truly innovative and fun prototypes! Jams have always been a great start for lots of now widely-known games, so make sure to participate in some!

Workshops and internships

Though not as widely popular as the above options, workshops and internships in game studios can give you insights on how things are done in Egypt. While the knowledge gained through them might not be top-notch – especially if it’s an internship for a couple of weeks, but they still count as experience in your CV and that’s its point of strength. It may (or may not) lead to an actual job. Make sure to follow the local studios and watch out for when internship opportunities come around.

So, which way are you going to kick off your game development career??