Hey all!

While IGC had been a little inactive (okay, a lot!) during 2019, the #IndieGameAMonth initiative however has been going on slowly and smoothly since April. In its lights, and as a personal wish that I had been working on getting it to the light for a while, I decided my resolution for 2020!

I am finally going to kick off the IGC Academy activities!

What's IGC Academy?

Indie Games Corner Academy (IGCA) is an initiative to spread game development and game making principles through online and offline courses, tutorials and workshops. The goal of this initiative is for all enthusiasts and game development hobbyists to be able to take their passion and love for games to the next level, regardless of age, educational background and game knowledge.


How will it start?

It will start with a series of videos and live-streamed sessions about game design and development basics in Unity and Unreal engines. It will help you kick off and turn those ideas into real playable prototypes!


Do I need to have any extra background to attend?

It will always be favorable to have any programming background to be able to catch on the session’s technical parts, but all are welcome to attend!

(Please note that while the sessions will be conducted in Arabic, there will be English technical terms used that can’t be avoided 🙂 )

Will it cost much?

Actually, it won’t cost at all! All sessions will be FREE! All you have to do is attend 😉


Okay, Where do I sign up??

No signing up is necessarily for online sessions, you can join the session directly anytime! However, in case you wanted to have notifications and updates emailed to you, you can directly subscribe here.

Have suggestions or concerns? Feel free to drop them off! 🙂

Happy gamin’!