Hey all!

Well, the title said it all, because I am lousy when it comes to picking titles. But I still have to say it out though.

While the title is suggestive enough, the post can’t remain blank, no? *smirks*

For starters, #IndieGameAMonth is an initiative started by Indie Games Corner to help the local community grow and spread awareness about the indie games culture locally in Egypt and, hopefully one day, the Middle East. Much like regular book clubs, the rules are simple: just play an indie game for a month, and discuss it afterwards with other club members! Discussions can include story, gameplay, balance or even art criticism! All games are voted upon and agreed, and no game is enforced by someone or an entity. The meetings vary between online or offline ones, all voted for upon the members’ convenience!

This month’s game is: Jotun!

So this month, the most anticipated event if the year, the Global Game Jam, will be taking place during the last weekend of January (Friday 31st) – which is also the discussion date. Indie Games Corner shall also be treating all club members to lunch during the discussion! Moreover, the 2019 Esteemed Member of #IndieGameAMonth shall be announced and presented with a crowing trophy, which is pretty exciting for me as well!

Don’t feel left out, you can still join by subscribing here for the club! Or directly apply to the Facebook group here.

So? What are you waiting for?! Let’s play games!! 🎮🕹️🔥

Happy gamin’!