While busy with the Global Game Jam this weekend, the #IndieGameAMonth club members were gracious enough to conduct January’s discussion meeting during the Global Game Jam and things quickly got exciting!

As part of giving back to this small club, a special award was announced during the meeting. That is: Esteeemed Member award. This award is handed out to the member who has been most active, whether through posts or streaming his gameplay walkthroughs, or by attending the meetings every month. For 2019, the first ever Esteemed Member award was won by #IndieGameAMonth club member: Khaled Ahmed Younes! (Or should I say Esteemed member now?) Congratulations Khaled!

If you’re hyped enough, you can still join the fun! Susbcribe here for the #IndieGameAMonth club and get a chance to not only play games, but to win for playing them too! If you don’t know about the club activities, check the details here.

Happy Gamin’!