Time travels fast!

It sure does. By reaching April 2021, #IndieGameAMonth has completed 2 years old as an active group and society! Yup, I am astonished myself! And also really proud of how active and engaging #IGAM turned out to be now, and it’s all thanks to all the awesome members, whom without #IGAM wouldn’t be here now!

In case you don’t know what #IndieGameAMonth is, let me take you on a small tour.
As a part of helping the community grow, and helping gamers (and developers alike) to know more about indie games and how diverse they can get, as part of IGC activities, #IndieGameAMonth club was started!

Much like regular book clubs, the rules are simple: just play an indie game for a month, and discuss it afterwards with other club members!️ Discussions can include story, game-play, balance or even art criticism! All games shall be voted upon and agreed, and no game shall be enforced by someone or an entity. Though the meetings varied between online or offline ones, now all meetings are online due to the pandemic.

It’s important to remember to respect other members’ opinions and not to spoil anything until the month is done! So?? Hyped up?? If so, make sure to join the fun! It’s free!!
Facebook group: https://tinyurl.com/y5hdvdqc
Discord server: https://discord.gg/pmS64kT

If you have any inquiries, you can ask them on Discord, or by sending an email to gameclub@indiegamescorner.com

Happy Gamin’!