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Indie Games Corner Academy (IGCA) is an initiative to spread game development and game making principles through online and offline courses, tutorials and workshops. The goal of this initiative is for all enthusiasts and game development hobbyists to be able to take their passion and love for games to the next level, regardless of age, educational background and game knowledge.

IGCA هي مبادرة لنشر مبادئ تصميم و صناعة الألعاب عن طريق ورش و كورسات اونلاين و حصص على أرض الواقع. الهدف من المبادرة هي مساعدة كل من يرغب في دخول مجال صناعة العاب الفيديو و مساعدة من هم بالفعل مطورين العاب بصرف النظر عن السن والخلفية الدراسية

Therefore, as part of IGC activities, IGCA has been greenlit! Review IGCA’s schedule every week to catch live-streamed lectures for a chance to learn and develop games from scratch, and keep your eyes out for onsite workshops! In case you wanted to have notifications and updates emailed to you, you can directly subscribe here

تأكد من تفقد جدول كل أسبوع للحصول على فرصة الإشتراك في الورش

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Please note that all sessions are conducted in Arabic

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